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2015. május 11., hétfő, 23:21

Címkék: Actega DS packaging PROVALIN PVC-free TPE technology

The sector of materials with contact to food is subject to more stringent control than hardly any other. Over time, the most comprehensive set of rules came into being and should be observed and guaranteed.

Controls are necessary in order to examine adherence and to continue to guarantee compliance in the future. Since then, independent test institutes, laboratories, organizations and consumer protection bodies have continually initiated new studies to examine what contamination is associated with packaging materials, to what scope and how it can be avoided, and whether specified guideline values such as the PIM referred to above are actually maintained. As recent tests e.g. by Kantonales Labor Zürich and Veterinär- und Untersuchungsamt Stuttgart have discovered, they are still not maintained in all cases.

During continuous tests and inspections of possible food contamination from packaging etc., these are just some of the questions asked: What plasticizers are currently used in sealant compounds for screw-cap closures? In which foods have they been primarily detected? How are any possible substitutes to be rated in terms of toxicology? What substances can migrate from metal vacuum closures into food? What possibilities are there for reducing migration? What advice can be given to consumers as to how they can reduce the risk of individual contaminants? Is there a risk associated with secondary use of glass jars with metal vacuum closures, for example? And those responsible for and in the food industry face many other questions. Increasingly, Actega DS with its many years of experience concerning PVC-free alternatives for packaging in the food and beverages industry is asked to contribute to the corresponding expert bodies in order to discuss possible solutions. Whether at packaging conferences focusing on food safety international conferences, scientific events on PVC-free TPE technology or national events by consumer protection organizations and institutes, the competence availed of by Actega DS as developer of the PROVALIN® sealant solution for metal vacuum closures, free of PVC and phthalates, tested over the long term and currently the only solution available on the market, is greatly appreciated.

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